New GAME GOLF LIVE offers real-time insights using smartphone app

GAME GOLF, known as one of golf’s leaders in stat tracking, has upped the ante with its new GAME GOLF LIVE. The device has updated and includes new stats that can be viewed in real time. Previously, the stats could only able be viewed at the end of each round.

GAME-GOLF-LIVE-phoneWith updated stats and the real-time analytics, GAME GOLF LIVE serves as a rangefinder on the course. It also uses updated map technology by using Google Maps, Apple Maps and BING Maps to improve its course-finding abilities. All in all, this device is a game-changer that has been tested and approved by top pros, including company ambassador Graeme McDowell.

If you’re unfamiliar with GAME GOLF, here’s how it works: GAME GOLF LIVE comes with 18 unique, ultra-lightweight tags that fit onto the end of each of your golf clubs. Once paired via Bluetooth on your iOS or Android device, you simply tap each tag to a wearable receiver that clips onto your belt before each shot. Then, play! GAME GOLF LIVE automatically records each shot you take once tagged.

The new edition gives your real-time stats that will help give you your best round ever, including yardage to the pin. Its navigation tools will help users identify targets and plot their way around the course.

After your round, you will receive comprehensive analysis of your game, viewable on your phone or computer. You’ll have a full summary of your round. The stats – which are immediately available on the cloud – include fairway accuracy, scrambling percentages, and shot dispersion for all clubs and yardages. You’ll be able to see your game like never before, which makes it even easier to get better.

game-golf-statisticsWith all of your stats compiled, you’ll be able to see your improvements and trends over time.

You can share your results via social media for that extra boost of motivation (or just bragging rights!) GAME GOLF also allows you to compare your game to pros or others in your handicap bracket and to see your improvement.

The app also gives you extra motivation with its virtual coaching tool, challenges and badges for reaching new goals.

GAME GOLF LIVE will be released for retail sale Nov. 9 and will be available at

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