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Golf game tracker battle: Arccos vs. GAME GOLF LIVE vs. SkyGolf

It’s a battle of the game trackers! The prevalence of game trackers in the golf word is continuing to rise. Thanks to GPS technology and great new apps, companies like Arccos, GAME GOLF and now SkyGolf are getting you closer to the pin than ever before. Beyond that, golfers can see their games improve more quickly than ever thanks to the comprehensive analysis that these trackers offer.

While Arccos, the new GAME GOLF LIVE and the SkyGolf GameTracker all operate by using tags that attach to the end of your club, they each have distinct and unique features. So, which is the best for you? Let’s break it down.

Arccos – $299.99 

Arccos Game TrackerIntegration
There are a few features that make Arccos stand out among the competition. First of all, unlike GameTracker and GAME GOLF LIVE, Arccos doesn’t require a sensor that you must tag your clubs to before each shot. Arccos offers the smoothest, most seamless process of game trackers. The sensors automatically sync with the GPS on your iPhone, so you’re ready to swing away!

Each sensor weighs in at less than 12 grams, so you won’t even notice them when you swing!

During the round
Using your phone’s GPS and Bluetooth, Arccos automatically tracks every single shot you take on its free mobile app. During the round, you’ll see vital stats right away, including average and longest drives distance, greens hit and putts per hole.

The mobile app features an extensive database of course maps for play all across the United States. For courses outside of the U.S., Arccos will still provide comprehensive data analysis on any course.

Your stats and data are automatically synced so you can view them after your round on the free app or online dashboard.

While you can view your shots during the round, Arccos also provides a visual of all of your shots and tons of data after the round. See your trends throughout the day and track your improvement over time. The app will show you distance with each club, greens in regulation (GiR) percentage and so much more!

Beyond measuring stats, Arccos also analyzes them with its Tour Analytics Platform. You will receive analysis of how every shot you took affected your score!

The online dashboard and mobile app are extremely clean and easy to navigate.

Currently, Arccos only works with iOS devices. It also syncs with its new Apple Watch app, so you can see data right on your wrist!

Best feature
Arccos is the easiest-to-use tracker. There’s no tagging up to a sensor. Just play, and you’ll see results on a beautiful, well-designed app.

GAME_GOLF_LIVE_phone__36481.1445973589.400.400GAME GOLF LIVE – $299.99

Unlike Arccos, GAME GOLF LIVE requires that you wear a sensor that attaches to your belt. Before each shot, you tag the sensors at the end of your club to the wearable.

One standout feature of the GAME GOLF LIVE versus the Arccos is how lightweight the tags are. The ultra-lightweight tags add virtually no weight or height to your club. Just tag your club and you’re ready to go!

During the round
With its new and improved mobile app, GAME GOLF LIVE gives golfers real-time tracking and analysis during a round. The device – like Arccos – can replace traditional GPS and rangefinders. Using the free mobile app, golfers can see the distance to the pin and the distance of each shot they took.

Unlike Arccos, which uses the GPS from your phone, the rangefinder is GPS-enabled, which makes it much more accurate. The device will know exactly where you are on the course!

In addition, you can also see comprehensive stats during the round. This data includes average distances with each club, putting data, success rates and more!

After your round, you’ll see a rounds summary so that you can review your round and see key stats. GAME GOLF LIVE syncs with the cloud, so you start reviewing your day immediately.

Using GAME GOLF LIVE’s dashboard on your computer or mobile device, you can see your stats, trends and much more.

GAME GOLF LIVE also seems like, well, a game. The free app rewards you with virtual badges, gives you challenges and allows you to share your stats via social media. Brag about your round online or activate a challenge to compete against yourself. You can also compare your stats to pros or others in the golf world in your handicap bracket.

The app also gives you virtual coaching and lessons to take your game to the next level.

GAME GOLF LIVE works with iOS and Android devices.

Best feature
GAME GOLF upped the ante with GAME GOLF LIVE. Not only can you view stats after your round, you can see key stats and data on the course so you can make adjustments as you go!

SkyGolf_GameTracker_phone__10369.1446668516.400.400SkyGolf GameTracker – $229.95

The cheapest option of the game trackers we’re comparing, the SkyGolf GameTracker offers an extremely accurate GPS for less money.

Like GAME GOLF LIVE, you fit the GameTracker SmartTags to the end of each of your club. The ultra-lightweight tags are durable and help identify each club in your bag. Simply wave your club’s tag in front of the GT1 RFID wearable sensor and then shoot.

The tracker works alongside the free SkyCaddie mobile app. The app serves as a rangefinder and scoring app. While the app is free, it comes with advanced features that you can buy in the app. However, with your GameTracker purchase, you’ll receive a free year of these features, which include:

  • TrueGround Maps
  • Interactive HoleVue in HD
  • Integrated targets – Zoom in closer to see distances to doglegs, hazards and more
  • Details green information
  • Advanced scoring and stat tracking


During the round
Like GAME GOLF LIVE, the GameTracker comes with a wearable that clips onto your belt. However, unlike Arccos, the wearable is its own GPS unit. The GameTracker is more than 300 percent more accurate than a phone GPS.

The SkyGolf GT1 replaces your phone’s location services with its powerful GPS engine and antenna. Be confident in the distance measurements you’re receiving! SkyGolf also uses TrueGround course maps. Experts have verified courses on the ground, so SkyGolf can boast having the most trusted rangefinder in the industry.

The app will get you closer to the pin as you view detailed course maps, detailed green maps and more!

Like the other game trackers, Sky Caddie’s version syncs your data to the cloud. All of your performances are wirelessly uploaded to you’re my 360 personal performance locker within the SkyGolf 360 Cloud. You can view your data right from your computer or mobile device.

You’ll receive terrific insight from comprehensive stats, including fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per hole and more!

SkyCaddie’s analysis tools will also let you look at your strengths and weaknesses after a round.

From the app, you can share scores with other SkyCaddie users on the app’s newsfeed. The app also allows you to book tee times at various public and private courses.

GameTracker works with iOS and Android devices.

Best feature
GameTracker is an extremely accurate device, thanks to its GT1 sensor. What’s more important than accuracy? Plus, it’s a cheaper price point, making it a great option. However, after your year-subscription is up, you would need to purchase SkyCaddie’s advanced features.

Overall, as you can see, there are positives and negatives to each system. As a whole, we recommend adding a game tracker to your arsenal if you’re looking to improve your game over the course of a season.

You can check them all out below. As always, if you have any questions, you can email us at help@playbetter.com or give us a call at (888)-738-5527. Each product sold through PlayBetter.com comes with a 60-Day Buy & Try Policy, so you can test out a tracker and see if it’s the best fit for you!



Swingbyte launches industry’s first Virtual Coach mobile app platform

Swingbyte, a motion analytics company that offers top analysis and feedback of golf swings, has taken its product to the next level with its brand new Virtual Coach platform. The free mobile app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze golfers’ swings and offer video drills and tips for improvement. Just a hint: You’ll want to add the Swingbyte to your holiday wish list!

While Swingbyte has always offered key metrics and data for improvement, the new app helps golfers of all levels by using the data points to offer instant, personalized lessons and drills.

“Up to this point, Swingbyte was a great training tool for the knowledgeable golfer, but helping the average golfer understand and utilize data to correct their swing faults is the next step,” said Alex Pedenko, Swingbyte CEO and Co-Founder, in a press release. “Virtual Coach will do just that by providing highly personalized, easy-to-understand drills and lessons.”

Swingbyte appWith the updates, the already affordable Swingbyte device ($169 plus free expedited U.S. shipping at PlayBetter) becomes even more valuable. The updated app is more than just a list of data; it’s a comprehensive, virtual coach! Golfers of all levels will appreciate the update as they watch their shots go further and strokes get shaved off.

The featured instructional content on Virtual Coach is Plane Truth Golf, founded by top PGA TOUR instructors Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell. Plane Truth Golf currently has more than 250 instructors from 15+ countries, and many work with high-level players. During developmental stages of the Virtual Coach AI, Plane Truth instructors reviewed impact and ball flight data from thousands of swings and tagged the faults in each swing. You can be confident that the feedback you receive comes from tried-and-tested data from top instructors.

Swingbyte logoThe new Virtual Coach app, which is currently only available for iOS devices, works alongside the affordable Swingbyte mobile golf swing analyzer.

If you’re unfamiliar with Swingbyte, here’s how it works: Simply clip the lightweight device onto your club – from driver to putter! – and sync it via Bluetooth. Then, swing away! Every swing you take will be recorded and analyzed. The sensor captures key metrics and transmits your swing data and an interactive 3D image of each swing to your smartphone or tablet device. From there, you’ll receive personalized video drills to take your game to the next level.

“We’ve been working closely with Swingbyte to analyze data and create the lessons for over a year, and we’re excited to hear the response from golfers,” Hardy said in a release. “With Virtual Coach, golfers can now use this wearable technology to understand key swing faults and work to instantly improve their game anytime, anywhere.”

While the updated app is currently only available for Apple devices, Swingbyte is compatible with iOS devices, Android devices and Google Glass.

For more information on Swingbyte, visit PlayBetter’s product page. You can also chat with a PlayBetter product expert via email or over the phone at (888)-738-5527.

New GAME GOLF LIVE offers real-time insights using smartphone app

GAME GOLF, known as one of golf’s leaders in stat tracking, has upped the ante with its new GAME GOLF LIVE. The device has updated and includes new stats that can be viewed in real time. Previously, the stats could only able be viewed at the end of each round.

GAME-GOLF-LIVE-phone Continue reading »

Manduka: “There really isn’t anything like it on the market!”

If you’re serious about yoga, look no further than Manduka. While there are many options on the market for yoga mats, if you want one that will last, you need the one that is tried, tested and determined to be the best mat available.

According to Mindith Rahmat, who tested the mat for two months, of breakingmuscle.com, “The Manduka Black Mat Pro is simply the best yoga mat we have tested. The Manduka mat is designed to endure hours of yoga practice. Many yoga teachers and professionals swear by the quality and durability of the Manduka Mat Pro.”

617_zoom_1439496201Yoga is a great choice for many, considering that a mat is all you need to get started. However, if you regularly practice yoga, investing in a Manduka Pro Mat is worth it. Plus, the mat comes with a lifetime guarantee, making this the only mat you’ll ever need!

“Manduka makes high quality yoga mats that provide excellent grip, which is important for postures like downward facing dog, and they back their flagship Black Mat Pro and Pro Lite with a lifetime guarantee! As a regular practitioner, that is a huge selling point,” said Allison Korycki, director of operations and yoga instructor at Charm City Yoga. “Sure, you make an investment purchasing one of their mats, but it’s worth every penny.”

PlayBetter offers Manduka Pro Mats in both regular and extra long sizes. Because of its lifelong durability, the mat reduces landfill waste, and there were no toxic emissions released when the mat was produced.

Beyond being environmentally friendly, the mat also has many features that make it the best on the market. It is 1/4” thick for unparalleled cushion and comfort. Forget an aching spine or sore joins after a yoga session! The top of the mat has a fabric-like surface that will present slipping even when it gets wet or sweaty. The bottom has a dot-patterned bottom so it will stay in place. No slipping with Manduka!

In addition to a fantastic mat, many people who practice yoga swear by yoga towels. Well, like its mats, Manduka offers the best towels on the market: yogitoes.

yogitoes_green__56101.1440449857.1280.1280Made from eight recycled water bottles, yogitoes are also environmentally friendly. The towels also have patented dot technology, which prevents slipping on your mat. Also, the towels are super absorbent and include a hygienic layer.

“Our signature style at Charm City Yoga is Hot Vinyasa, in which the studio is heated to around 90 degrees. This vigorous, flowing style of yoga will leave you sweaty so it’s helpful to have a towel on your mat to sop up the sweat,” Korycki said. “Manduka’s yogitoes towels are one of our best sellers due to the silicon bumps on the bottom, which hold the towel in place on your yoga mat. There really isn’t anything like it on the market!”

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve invested in your physical and mental health by taking up yoga. Don’t you also deserve to invest in the products that will give you the best possible yoga session?

For more information on Manduka’s line of products offered at PlayBetter, check out the links below:

Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat (Regular)
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat (Extra Long)
Manduka yogitoes

If you have any questions about PlayBetter’s line of Manduka yoga products offered, give us a call at (888)-738-5527 or shoot us an email at help@playbetter.com.

Looking to take up yoga? Here’s how to get started

September is National Yoga Month, which means there’s no better time to get started practicing yoga! Although seeing experienced instructors or everyday yogis in headstands and complex poses can be very inspiring, for many interested in getting into yoga, it can be extremely intimidating.

However, yoga offers so many benefits for participants of all levels, from the physical effects – weight loss, more muscle tone and more – to the mental benefits. While it may seem intimidating, Allison Korycki, 28, director of operations and a yoga instructor at Charm City Yoga recommends jumping in and getting started in a beginner class. Korycki first began practicing in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions and offer a few pieces of advice for those looking to break into yoga. If you’re interested in her Baltimore-based classes, visit charmcityyoga.com.

PlayBetter: Why and how should first-timers, maybe those who are a little skeptical, try yoga? How can they get started without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated?

Allison: It’s best to start a practice by taking beginner yoga. These classes are slower paced, more descriptive and introduce you to basic breathing techniques and key concepts of yogic philosophy. The best way to experience transformation through yoga is by committing to a regular practice. Make space to practice 2-3 times per week and you will be amazed by how much better you feel!

Yoga sunsetPB: What are the overall benefits of yoga – physically and beyond?

Allison: Physically, yoga helps (you) tone muscle, lose weight, improve circulation and respiration, decrease pain and muscular tension, improve joint mobility and create greater body awareness. Mentally, yoga teaches mindfulness, that is, freedom from the constant chatter of the mind so one can find presence and clarity and decrease stress. Practitioners find that they are less reactionary and better equipped to handle stress and find inner peace and calm.

PB: Do you have a good success story of someone who has come to Charm City Yoga?

Allison: There are too many to tell! Countless students’ lives have been improved through a regular yoga practice. Every day, students tell us how their yoga practice helps them be a more understanding partner, a more patient parent, a more compassionate boss and a happier person in general.

PB: How important is good equipment for people of all levels?

Allison: To practice yoga, you just need a yoga mat and an open mind.

While it’s probably best to jump into a beginner class with a certified instructor and peers, if you really want to make sure you’re prepared, there are a lot of online resources for you to try. Check out the YouTube video below to get started and be sure to follow PlayBetter’s Pinterest board.


Follow PlayBetter’s board Yoga on Pinterest.

If you have any questions about PlayBetter’s line of Manduka yoga products offered, give us a call at (888)-738-5527 or shoot us an email at help@playbetter.com.

​GAME GOLF launches free app with real-time game tracker and rangefinder for iOS and Android devices

GAME GOLF, the first wearable device that tracks and displays a golfer’s round, announced its new GAME GOLF Tracking App on April 15, 2015. The free app allows golfers to track their game in real-time using GPS rangefinder technology, and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Game Golf App Course“If you don’t truly understand your game it’s hard to improve. The free GAME GOLF Tracking App allows golfers to see their shot performance in real-time, something which many amateur golfers will never have
had access to before,” said John McGuire, CEO of GAME GOLF. “Further, it affords everyone access to the GAME GOLF platform to gather stats, collect data and share their game with friends, family, coaches and instructors.”

The app showcases an aerial view of each hole and distances to key locations with the GPS Rangefinder feature. Golfers will be able to see greens hit in regulations, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentage, putts per hole, club distances and much more.

No purchase of the GAME GOLF physical device is required to use the new app. However, if you’re looking for the best experience on the course, pair it with GAME GOLF for the full experience.

While GAME GOLF is a truly innovative product, it is one of the more cost-effective products on the market, currently just  $199.99 at PlayBetter.com. The new, real-time app joins the impressive amount of features already available through GAME GOLF and GAMEGOLF.com.

Simply “tag” each club to your GAME GOLF device, and then go! GAME GOLF comes with 18 unique tags for your clubs. Golfers attach the tags to their clubs, and then tag them to their wearable device before taking your shot. That’s it.

GAME GOLF’s technology will record what clubs you use and where you use them. While it requires little effort on your part, you’ll be given a full report on each club, which will take your game to the next level!

For more information or to see GAME GOLF in action, check out our GAME GOLF page. Still have questions? Tweet us @PlayBetter, shoot us an email (help@playbetter.com) or give us a call at (888)-738-5527.

Six reasons why a Garmin vivosmart fitness band will transform your lifestyle

Have you noticed this new trend in fitness lately? Maybe it’s just because I’ve had such a great experience with my Garmin vivofit, but I seem to notice people wearing fitness band trackers wherever I go.

Using my vivofit, I noticed how much more active I was throughout my day. When I had been sitting for a while, the band gave me a gentle reminder to get up and move. By getting up more during my time at work (I sit at a desk most of the time,) I had less backaches and pain. Eventually, moving around during my day became a habit.

vivosmart-purpleIn addition, anyone who knows me knows that I have trouble getting motivated to work out. Well, while I’m still definitely not perfect, the vivofit encouraged me to work out because I knew that if I worked out, I would almost always hit my daily goal (steps, calories etc.).

Well, if Garmin kept me motivated with the vivofit, it upped the ante even more with its new vivosmart. Not only does this product get you moving, it also fully integrates into your everyday, busy lifestyle thanks to its smart notifications features.

Here are six reasons why you need the vivosmart:

1.Garmin Connect

While all of the data that you need is on your wrist, (steps taken, calories burned and so much more,) Garmin takes in an extra step with its Garmin Connect app. The vivosmart pairs with a mobile or desktop app, and syncs via Bluetooth. The app offers comprehensive data, and tracks your progress as you work toward a healthier you. It also lets you earn virtual badges and compete against others around the world for an extra dose of motivation.

vivosmart-garmin-connect2.Realistic goals

Have you reached for a new accomplishment, and then realized that it’s nearly impossible? The Garmin vivosmart won’t let you off the hook that easily! It lets you set personalized and realistic goals. As you improve, the Garmin will up the steps you need to take and calories that you need to burn each day. While it will help you get better, it will also be realistic and helpful!

Like I said before, the vivosmart helps you develop healthy habits. While at first you may be stretching to meet your goals, eventually it will be habit to get up and move!

3.Steps, distance and calories tracker

Exactly how far did you walk today? How long was your afternoon jog? The vivosmart keeps track of your exact distance traveled and translates it into the amount of calories you’ve burned throughout the day. During a summer trip to Chicago, when I first got my fitness band, I was amazed to see how far I walked. The step counter is the ultimate motivator.

The vivosmart allows you to see actual progress right on your wrist and also shows you how many steps you have left to make your goal.

4.Smart notifications

The vivosmart syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and gives you notifications right on your wrist! You’ll see emails, alerts and texts right on your wrist, and feel them as you’re alerted with a gentle vibration.

5.Long-last battery and 24/7 wearability

While some fitness bands have a very short battery life, the vivosmart lasts up to a full week without needing a recharge. You have roughly seven days to use it before charging it back up!

It also comes with a clock and alarm clock, integrating in your busy, everyday lifestyle even better!

Your device also has a water rating of 5 ATM, so you can wear it while in the shower or at the pool. It never has to come off your wrist.


I know I’ve said this already, but I just need to drive this point home. The vivosmart will change your lifestyle by getting you up and moving! If you don’t get up for an hour, the vivosmart will deliver a gentle reminder, telling you to get up and move! Even if you lose track of time while sitting around, the vivosmart won’t! With this band, you’ll be encouraged to walk more steps and burn more calories. It’s a super fun and extremely effective way to get motivated.

It can also be connected with optional, not-included features, such as bike speed sensors or a heart monitor.

The vivosmart comes in five different colors and two sizes, so pick out the perfect one for you and then go! If you still have questions about the vivosmart or if you want to see it in action, check out a video and its product page here: Garmin vivosmart

As always, if you have any questions about fitness products or golf trainers, feel free to call us to chat with an expert at 1.888.738.5527 or email us at help@playbetter.com.

Golf Fitness: Get fit before you hit the links

Golfers: It’s no secret. If you get in better shape, you’ll have more success on the course. By getting fit, you’ll develop strength, better balance and a stronger core. And what does that lead to? More power. Better control. Longer distances.

And what golfer wouldn’t want that?!

At PlayBetter, we’re conscious about what we’re eating and how we’re living, as we know that our overall nutrition and fitness will translate into our everyday lives – and obviously right to the golf course!

If it was your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape or become a better golfer, why not go for both? There are some fantastic products on the market designed to help golfers get fit, which in turn, help their

Check out some of our favorites:

GolfGym Powerswing Trainer – Masters

Although GolfGym’s resistance cords seem simple, they are some of the most effective ways to target and strengthen golf-specific muscles. The cords attached to either a left- or right-handed ProPerfect Training Grip, which is included. Then, the exercises that you perform imitate an actual golf
swing, so you’ll be directly strengthening specific muscles you need to swing.

If you’re a rookie when it comes to working out, the bands have different levels of resistance, from light to medium to heavy. Start with a light resistance, work your way up, then see the results on the course!

Here’s a video of GolfGym in action!

Shop GolfGym.


Trigger Point The Grid 2.0 Foam Roller

Simply put: These tools are awesome. My friend who has a bad hip swears by her Trigger Point, as it alleviates pain and rounds out a workout.

While athletes in every sport – from amateurs to professionals – use Trigger Points, they are perfect for golfers.

The 2.0 is 26” long and 5” in diameter, so it has even more room for you to massage you lats, quads and back. Beyond massaging and stretching, it’s a great tool that can be used for core exercises. As you strengthen your core, you’ll see the results on you and on the golf course.

The Trigger Point Grid 2.0 is available in four colors. See how it can lead to a better you here:

Shop Trigger Point.


Garmin vivosmart

Join the movement with the brand new fitness band from Garmin, the vivosmart. This fitness band leads the way in wearable technology and fully integrates fitness into your busy, everyday life.

Right on your wrist, you’ll see your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and more! The band syncs with Garmin Connect, a mobile app that tracks your progress and shows you data analysis.

In addition to being an amazing fitness band, the vivosmart also has smart notifications, so you can see mobile alerts right on your wrist. This band will become an everyday part of you life as you work to get fit!

Shop vivosmart.


Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip is one of our best-sellers, and for a good reason! Available in three sizes, the Orange Whip has a flexible handle and counterbalanced weights that allow you to feel your swing and improve your balance, core strength and flexibility.

If you use the Orange Whip regularly in your workouts or while training, you’ll develop a more consistent swing. In addition, you can carry it in your bag without it counting toward the 14-club rule.

Shop Orange Whip.


GolfGym Balance Ball

Last but not least, one product I use every day is the GolfGym Balance Ball. While it’s a great fitness tool, it’s also a great replacement for office chairs. After a day of work sitting on the ball, my back feels great, compared to feeling aches and pains after sitting on a chair.

Balance balls are best known for leading to a stronger core. They also make you more flexible and can be easily incorporated into many workouts. By using a balance ball, you may find yourself hitting longer drives after developing a stronger core.

Shop GolfGym.

Check out all of our fitness products here.

As always, if you have any questions about fitness products or golf trainers, feel free to call us to chat with an expert at 1.888.738.5527 or email us at help@playbetter.com.

Build your PlayBetter Holiday Golf Wish List in Four Easy Steps

Golfers: Do you already have your eyes on certain golf gadgets, training aids and other products for the 2014 holiday season? Maybe you’ve been checking out the new Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch or eyeing up a new HIRZL golf glove.

Well, whatever tool you’re looking to get you hands on, make sure you let your friends or family know! Or else, you might get stuck with an ugly sweater, a gift card to a restaurant with the food you can’t stand, a fruitcake or another gift that will sit around to collect dust.

It’s easy to create a wish list of golf goodies on PlayBetter.com, and then share your list to let others know EXACTLY what you want.

Here are the four easy steps to take:

1. Create a PlayBetter.com account (if you don’t already have one)

playbetter-create-accountAt the very top of PlayBetter.com, you’ll see “Sign In” and “Create an Account.” If you’ve never made an account or bought a product from PlayBetter, click “Create an Account”. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this takes two minutes. Not only will this set up an account for your wish list, but it will also make checkout so much easier for future shopping.

2. Make and name your wish list

wish-list-landing-page2Once you’re signed into your account, you’ll be taken to your account page. There, on the right side of the page, you’ll see text that says “Wishlists”. Click on that, and then add a new wishlist. Name it, and we strongly selecting “I want to be able to share this list” so that others can publicly see which golf gadgets are on your radar.

3. Get shopping!

golf-wish-list-addYou’re now ready to go! Click on any product page of a product, and below the buy box, select “Add to Wishlist”. All of the products will then be added to your wishlist. Create one list, create 10! (Whatever it takes for people to get the hint.)

4. Share your wishlist!

wish-list-golfWhen you create a public list, PlayBetter.com will give you a customized URL that you can share with people who may hook you up with an awesome gift this year.

Beyond a wishlist for you, you can get creative with these lists! Use it to build a page of training aids your husband or wife may like, compile products that your boss will love or make a list of golf fitness products to get you inspired for the new year.

As always, if you have any questions about the wish list or our products, feel free to give us a call at 1-(888)-738-5527 or shoot us an email at help@playbetter.com. We hope you get your wish!