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Six reasons why a Garmin vivosmart fitness band will transform your lifestyle

Have you noticed this new trend in fitness lately? Maybe it’s just because I’ve had such a great experience with my Garmin vivofit, but I seem to notice people wearing fitness band trackers wherever I go.

Using my vivofit, I noticed how much more active I was throughout my day. When I had been sitting for a while, the band gave me a gentle reminder to get up and move. By getting up more during my time at work (I sit at a desk most of the time,) I had less backaches and pain. Eventually, moving around during my day became a habit.

vivosmart-purpleIn addition, anyone who knows me knows that I have trouble getting motivated to work out. Well, while I’m still definitely not perfect, the vivofit encouraged me to work out because I knew that if I worked out, I would almost always hit my daily goal (steps, calories etc.).

Well, if Garmin kept me motivated with the vivofit, it upped the ante even more with its new vivosmart. Not only does this product get you moving, it also fully integrates into your everyday, busy lifestyle thanks to its smart notifications features.

Here are six reasons why you need the vivosmart:

1.Garmin Connect

While all of the data that you need is on your wrist, (steps taken, calories burned and so much more,) Garmin takes in an extra step with its Garmin Connect app. The vivosmart pairs with a mobile or desktop app, and syncs via Bluetooth. The app offers comprehensive data, and tracks your progress as you work toward a healthier you. It also lets you earn virtual badges and compete against others around the world for an extra dose of motivation.

vivosmart-garmin-connect2.Realistic goals

Have you reached for a new accomplishment, and then realized that it’s nearly impossible? The Garmin vivosmart won’t let you off the hook that easily! It lets you set personalized and realistic goals. As you improve, the Garmin will up the steps you need to take and calories that you need to burn each day. While it will help you get better, it will also be realistic and helpful!

Like I said before, the vivosmart helps you develop healthy habits. While at first you may be stretching to meet your goals, eventually it will be habit to get up and move!

3.Steps, distance and calories tracker

Exactly how far did you walk today? How long was your afternoon jog? The vivosmart keeps track of your exact distance traveled and translates it into the amount of calories you’ve burned throughout the day. During a summer trip to Chicago, when I first got my fitness band, I was amazed to see how far I walked. The step counter is the ultimate motivator.

The vivosmart allows you to see actual progress right on your wrist and also shows you how many steps you have left to make your goal.

4.Smart notifications

The vivosmart syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and gives you notifications right on your wrist! You’ll see emails, alerts and texts right on your wrist, and feel them as you’re alerted with a gentle vibration.

5.Long-last battery and 24/7 wearability

While some fitness bands have a very short battery life, the vivosmart lasts up to a full week without needing a recharge. You have roughly seven days to use it before charging it back up!

It also comes with a clock and alarm clock, integrating in your busy, everyday lifestyle even better!

Your device also has a water rating of 5 ATM, so you can wear it while in the shower or at the pool. It never has to come off your wrist.


I know I’ve said this already, but I just need to drive this point home. The vivosmart will change your lifestyle by getting you up and moving! If you don’t get up for an hour, the vivosmart will deliver a gentle reminder, telling you to get up and move! Even if you lose track of time while sitting around, the vivosmart won’t! With this band, you’ll be encouraged to walk more steps and burn more calories. It’s a super fun and extremely effective way to get motivated.

It can also be connected with optional, not-included features, such as bike speed sensors or a heart monitor.

The vivosmart comes in five different colors and two sizes, so pick out the perfect one for you and then go! If you still have questions about the vivosmart or if you want to see it in action, check out a video and its product page here: Garmin vivosmart

As always, if you have any questions about fitness products or golf trainers, feel free to call us to chat with an expert at 1.888.738.5527 or email us at help@playbetter.com.

Golf Fitness: Get fit before you hit the links

Golfers: It’s no secret. If you get in better shape, you’ll have more success on the course. By getting fit, you’ll develop strength, better balance and a stronger core. And what does that lead to? More power. Better control. Longer distances.

And what golfer wouldn’t want that?!

At PlayBetter, we’re conscious about what we’re eating and how we’re living, as we know that our overall nutrition and fitness will translate into our everyday lives – and obviously right to the golf course!

If it was your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape or become a better golfer, why not go for both? There are some fantastic products on the market designed to help golfers get fit, which in turn, help their

Check out some of our favorites:

GolfGym Powerswing Trainer – Masters

Although GolfGym’s resistance cords seem simple, they are some of the most effective ways to target and strengthen golf-specific muscles. The cords attached to either a left- or right-handed ProPerfect Training Grip, which is included. Then, the exercises that you perform imitate an actual golf
swing, so you’ll be directly strengthening specific muscles you need to swing.

If you’re a rookie when it comes to working out, the bands have different levels of resistance, from light to medium to heavy. Start with a light resistance, work your way up, then see the results on the course!

Here’s a video of GolfGym in action!

Shop GolfGym.


Trigger Point The Grid 2.0 Foam Roller

Simply put: These tools are awesome. My friend who has a bad hip swears by her Trigger Point, as it alleviates pain and rounds out a workout.

While athletes in every sport – from amateurs to professionals – use Trigger Points, they are perfect for golfers.

The 2.0 is 26” long and 5” in diameter, so it has even more room for you to massage you lats, quads and back. Beyond massaging and stretching, it’s a great tool that can be used for core exercises. As you strengthen your core, you’ll see the results on you and on the golf course.

The Trigger Point Grid 2.0 is available in four colors. See how it can lead to a better you here:

Shop Trigger Point.


Garmin vivosmart

Join the movement with the brand new fitness band from Garmin, the vivosmart. This fitness band leads the way in wearable technology and fully integrates fitness into your busy, everyday life.

Right on your wrist, you’ll see your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and more! The band syncs with Garmin Connect, a mobile app that tracks your progress and shows you data analysis.

In addition to being an amazing fitness band, the vivosmart also has smart notifications, so you can see mobile alerts right on your wrist. This band will become an everyday part of you life as you work to get fit!

Shop vivosmart.


Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip is one of our best-sellers, and for a good reason! Available in three sizes, the Orange Whip has a flexible handle and counterbalanced weights that allow you to feel your swing and improve your balance, core strength and flexibility.

If you use the Orange Whip regularly in your workouts or while training, you’ll develop a more consistent swing. In addition, you can carry it in your bag without it counting toward the 14-club rule.

Shop Orange Whip.


GolfGym Balance Ball

Last but not least, one product I use every day is the GolfGym Balance Ball. While it’s a great fitness tool, it’s also a great replacement for office chairs. After a day of work sitting on the ball, my back feels great, compared to feeling aches and pains after sitting on a chair.

Balance balls are best known for leading to a stronger core. They also make you more flexible and can be easily incorporated into many workouts. By using a balance ball, you may find yourself hitting longer drives after developing a stronger core.

Shop GolfGym.

Check out all of our fitness products here.

As always, if you have any questions about fitness products or golf trainers, feel free to call us to chat with an expert at 1.888.738.5527 or email us at help@playbetter.com.